The language of film /

The language of film /
Edgar-Hunt, Robert, author.
New England Conservatory
Semiotics: Images; The Visual Mind; Reading the Signs; Making Meaning; Codes and Filters; Case study: Seven; Chapter Summary -- Narrative: Theories of Storytelling; Structuralism; Theories of Structure; Genette's Narrative Discourse; Music; Short film and narrative; Case Study: The secret life of Walter Mitty; Chapter Summary -- Intertextuality: Text; Quotation; Allusion; Cult Film; Genre; Case Study: Citizen Kane; Chapter Summary -- Ideology: Ideological Analysis; Realism; Ideology and Genre; Case study: Dead Man's Shoes; Chapter Summary -- Frames and Images: The Shot; Distance, Height and Framing; Shot Distances; Mise en Scè€ne; The Mobile Camera Frame; Time and the Long Take; Case Study: Hero; Chapter Summary -- Sound: Film: An Audiovisual Medium; Sound Properties; Diegetic and Non-diegetic Sound; Off-screen Space and Audio; The voice; Music; Case study: Berberian Sound Studio; Chapter Summary -- Constructing Meaning: Continuity Editing; Discontinuity Editing; Montage; Pacing; Case study: Psycho; Chapter Summary.

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