The turn of the screw : authoritative text, contexts, criticism /

The turn of the screw : authoritative text, contexts, criticism /
James, Henry, 1843-1916, author.
Emerson College
James, the Ghost Story, and the Supernatural -- To Thomas Sergeant Perry [So Much for Cora] ; A Notebook Entry [Subject for a Ghost-Story] ; A Notebook Entry [Another Theme of the Same Kind] ; From a Preface [The Whole Fairy-Tale Side of Life] ; To Theodate Pope Riddle [Beneath Comment or Criticism] / Henry James -- James on the Turn of the Screw -- A Notebook Entry [Idea of a Servant Suspected] ; A Notebook Entry [Grose] ; A Notebook Entry [Note Here the Ghost-Story] ; To Alice [Mrs. William] James [Finished My Little Book] ; To A. C. Benson [Of the Ghostly and Ghastly] ; To Paul Bourget [A Little Volume Just Published] ; To Dr. Waldstein [My Bogey-Tale Dealt with Things So Hideous] ; To H. G. Wells [The Thing Is Essentially a Pot-Boiler] ; To F. W. H. Myers [The T. of the S. Is a Very Mechanical Matter] ; To W. D. Howells [Another Duplex Book Like the "Two Magics"] ; A Notebook Entry [Something as Simple as The Turn of the Screw] ; To W. D. Howells [To Concoct a "Ghost" of Any Freshness] ; Preface to the New York Edition [An Exercise of the Imagination] / Henry James -- Other Possible Sources for the Turn of the Screw -- The Genesis of "The Turn of the Screw" / Robert Lee Wolff -- Psychical Research and "The Turn of the Screw" / Francis X. Roellinger Jr. -- The Turn of the Screw and Alice James / Oscar Cargill -- [Moral Anxiety, Vulgar Sexuality, and the Victorian Governess] / Mary Poovey -- [Pure and Strangely Erotic: The Victorian Child] / James R. Kincaid -- Adaptations and Illustrations -- Illustration in Collier's Weekly (February 12, 1898) -- Illustration in Collier's Weekly (March 5, 1898) / Eric Pape -- Illustration in Collier's Weekly (February 12, 1898) / John La Farge -- At a House in Harley Street ; The Governess First Sees the Ghost of Peter Quint ; Flora and the Governess ; The Governess, Mrs. Grose and the Children ; Miles and the Governess / Charles Demuth -- Film Stills / The Innocents -- Britten's The Turn of the Screw (2011) / Los Angeles Opera -- Britten's The Turn of the Screw (2014) -- Britten's The Turn of the Screw (2011) / Glyndebourne Festival Opera -- Selected Stage and Screen Adaptations, 1950-2020 -- Criticism -- Early Reactions: 1898-1926 -- Magic of Evil and Love / The New York Times -- To Ford Madox Ford [An Intellectual Thrill] / Joseph Conrad -- A Masterpiece by Mr. Henry James / New York Tribune -- To Oliver Lodge [The Little Boy Feels Pederastic Passion] / F. W. H. Myers -- [The Story Is Distinctly Repulsive] / The Outlook -- To the Hon. A. E. Bontine [A Kind of Phosphorescent Trail] / Joseph Conrad -- Academy Portraits: Mr. Henry James / Henry Harland -- Mr. James's New Book / The Bookman -- Henry James as a Ghost Raiser / Droch -- On Books at Christmas / John D. Barry -- Two Volumes from Henry James / The American Monthly Review of Reviews -- [The Most Hopelessly Evil Story] / The Independent -- To Robert Ross [Wonderful, Lurid, Poisonous] / Oscar Wilde -- [Psychic Phenomena] / The Chautauquan -- [Facts, or Delusions] / Oliver Elton -- Henry James, and the Ghostly / A. R. Orage -- [Henry James's Ghosts] / Virginia Woolf -- [Merely Declining to Think About Homosex] / E. M. Forster -- Major and Recent Criticism -- A Pre-Freudian Reading of The Turn of the Screw / Harold C. Goddard -- Henry James to the Ruminant Reader: The Turn of the Screw / Edna Kenton -- The Ambiguity of Henry James / Edmund Wilson -- The Freudian Reading of The Turn of the Screw / Robert B. Heilman -- Introduction to Stories of the Supernatural / Leon Edel -- From The Secret of Narrative / Tzvetan Todorov -- Turning the Screw of Interpretation / Shoshana Felman -- James: Twists of the Governess / Henry Sussman -- Recognition: Servant in the Ending / Bruce Robbins -- Screwing with Children in Henry James / Ellis Hanson -- The Turn of the Screw, or: the Dispossessed Hearts of Little Gentlemen / Eric Haralson -- Turning the Screw Again: The Precocious Colonial Child in Henry James's Story / Paul Sharrad -- An Innocence Worse Than Evil in The Turn of the Screw / Michelle H. Phillips -- Material Turns of the Screw: The Collier's Weekly Serialization of The Turn of the Screw (1898) / Kirsten MacLeod.

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