Decolonization and Afro-feminism /

Decolonization and Afro-feminism /
Tamale, Sylvia, author.
Emerson College
1. Introduction. Of counter-narratives -- The meaning of Africa(ns) -- Goals and organization of the book -- 2. The basics of decolonization and decolonial futures. Africa's decolonization and decolonial reconstruction -- Decolonization & decoloniality: science fiction or present fact? -- A two-pronged approach: the political and the psychological -- 3. Feminists and the struggle for Africa's decolonial reconstruction. Gender studies in African academies -- Beyond racism: multiple inequalities and intersectionality -- Integrating Afro-ecofeminism into decolonialization -- 4. Challenging the coloniality of sex, gender and sexuality. Michael Phelps and Caster Semenya: a juxtaposition -- Decolonial African sex / gender systems -- A decolonial analysis of the Phelps / Semenya conundrum -- Medico-legal taxonomies: Semenya's battle with science and the law -- 5. Legal pluralism and decolonial feminism. State "customary law" versus living customary law -- Decolonized customary law -- Gender and religious relativism -- 6. Repositioning the dominant discourses on rights and social justice. Human? Rights? -- Unpacking the universalizing essentialism of "gender equality" -- Reconceptualizing justice through Ubuntu -- 7. Rethinking the African academy. History and evolution of African academies -- Internalized colonialism: how it is achieved -- A framework for transforming the African academy -- 8. Decolonizing family law: the case of Uganda. Conceptualizing the heteropatriarchal family -- The Ugandan family and the law -- Family relations : Then and now -- Challenging the status quo -- The limits of officialist approaches to family gender justice -- 9. Towards feminist Pan-Africanism and Pan-African feminism. Feminism in the Pan-African Movement? -- Pan-Africanism in African feminism -- Developing a new Pan-Africanism in the era of globalization -- Epilogue : Decolonizing Africa in the age of big data.

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