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Optometry Courses
MCPHS Worcester
OPT (Optometry)


On reserve at a library:
  1. Adler's physiology of the eye.
  2. Anatomy of the eye and orbit : the clinical essentials / Thomas F. Freddo, Edward Chaum.
  3. Atlas of primary eyecare procedures.
  4. Atlas of the peripheral ocular fundus / William L. Jones, Robert W. Reidy.
  5. Bennett & Rabbetts' clinical visual optics / Ronald B. Rabbetts.
  6. Binocular anomalies : theory, testing & therapy / John R. Griffin, Eric J. Borsting.
  7. Borish's clinical refraction / by William J. Benjamin.
  8. Clinical anatomy and physiology of the visual system / Lee Ann Remington, Denise Goodwin.
  9. Clinical anatomy of the eye / Richard S. Snell, Michael A. Lemp ; illustrations by Ira Grunther.
  10. Clinical contact lens practice / editors, Edward S. Bennett, Barry A. Weissman.
  11. Clinical management of binocular vision : heterophoric, accommodative, and eye movement disorders / Mitchell Scheiman, Bruce Wick.
  12. Clinical management of strabismus / Elizabeth E. Caloroso, Michael W. Rouse ; with a contribution by Susan A. Cotter.
  13. Clinical manual of contact lenses / [edited by] Edward S. Bennett, Vinita Allee Henry.
  14. Clinical medicine in optometric practice / Bruce Muchnick, O.D.
  15. Clinical procedures for ocular examination / [edited by] Nancy B. Carlson, Daniel Kurtz.
  16. Clinical procedures in primary eye care / editor, David B. Elliott.
  17. Cornea.
  18. Diseases of the macula : a practical approach / Jack J. Kanski, Stanislaw A. Milewski.
  19. Epidemiology of eye disease.
  20. Essentials of low vision practice / [edited by] Richard L. Brilliant.
  21. Eye and visual optical instruments / George Smith, David A. Atchison.
  22. Eye care for infants and young children / Bruce D. Moore.
  23. Eye movement basics for the clinician / Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, Barry Tannen.
  24. Foundations of binocular vision : a clinical perspective / Scott B. Steinman, Barbara A. Steinman, Ralph Philip Garzia ; illustrations created by Barbara Steinman and Scott Steinman.
  25. Geometric, physical, and visual optics / Michael P. Keating.
  26. Geometrical and visual optics : a clinical introduction / Steven H. Schwartz.
  27. Harriet Lane handbook : a manual for pediatric house officers / the Harriet Lane house staff at The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center of The Johns Hopkins Hospital ; editors, Keith Kleinman, Lauren McDaniel, Matthew Molloy.
  28. Kanski's clinical ophthalmology : a systematic approach / John F. Salmon, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth.
  29. Legal aspects of optometry / John G. Classé.
  30. McCance & Huether's pathophysiology : the biologic basis for disease in adults and children / [edited by] Juila L Rogers ; section editor, Valentina L. Brashers.
  31. Microbiology fundamentals : a clinical approach / Marjorie Kelly Cowan, with Jennifer Bunn, RN, Ronald M. Atlas, Heidi Smith.
  32. Neuroanatomy : text and atlas / John H. Martin ; medical photography by Howard J. Radzyner ; illustrated by Michael E. Leonard.
  33. Neurology of eye movements / R. John Leigh, David S. Zee.
  34. Ocular microbiology / P K Mukherjee, Preeti Bandyopadya.
  35. Ocular pathology.
  36. Ophthalmic lasers / Charles M. Wormington.
  37. Optometric management of learning-related vision problems / editors, Mitchell M. Scheiman, Michael W. Rouse.
  38. Optometry law / Stephen H. Eap.
  39. Paediatric optometry / [edited by] David Harvey, Bernard Gilmartin.
  40. Primary care of the glaucomas / edited by Murray Fingeret, Thomas L. Lewis ; with 33 contributors.
  41. Primary care of the posterior segment / Larry J. Alexander.
  42. Primary care optometry / Theodore Grosvenor.
  43. Primary eyecare in systemic disease / [edited by] Kelly H. Thomann, Esther S. Marks, Diane T. Adamczyk.
  44. Slit lamp : examination and photography / by Csaba L. Martonyi, Charles F. Bahn, Roger F. Meyer.
  45. System for ophthalmic dispensing / Clifford W. Brooks, Irvin M. Borish.
  46. Textbook of biochemistry : with clinical correlations / edited by Thomas M. Devlin.
  47. Understanding and managing vision deficits : a guide for occupational therapists / Mitchell Scheiman.
  48. Visual perception : a clinical orientation / Steven H. Schwartz.
  49. Wills eye manual : office and emergency room diagnosis and treatment of eye disease / text editors: Nika Bagheri, Brynn N. Wajda ; multimedia editors: Charles M. Calvo, Alia K. Durrani ; founding editors: Mark A. Friedberg, Christopher J. Rapuano.