Photographic theory : an historical anthology /

Photographic theory : an historical anthology /
Before photography to invention: c. 380 B.C.E.-1839. -- Camera/Vision. -- Excerpts from the Allegory of the cave, in The republic / Plato -- The function of the eye, as explained by the Camera Obscura / Leonardo da Vinci -- Description of the Camera Lucida / William H. Wollaston -- Art/History. -- Excerpts on linear perspective, in On painting / Leon Battista Alberti -- Account of the late Mr. [Robert] Barker / Anonymous -- Description of the process of painting and effects of light invented by Daguerre, and applied by him to the pictures of the diorama / Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre -- Invention to pictorialism: 1839-c. 1880. -- What is photography? -- Some account of the art of photogenic drawing / William Henry Fox Talbot -- The pencil of nature, a new discovery / Nathaniel Parker Willis and Timothy O. Porter, eds. -- Report [on the Daguerreotype to the Chamber of Deputies] / François Arago -- Art/History. -- Upon photography in an artistic view, and in its relations to the arts / Sir William J. Newton -- La photographie / Antoine Joseph Wiertz -- Photography / Eastlake, Lady (Elizabeth) -- Camera/Vision. -- The stereoscope and the stereograph / Oliver Wendell Holmes -- Combination printing, in Pictorial effect in photography / Henry Peach Robinson -- Annals of my glass house / Julia Margaret Cameron.

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