A history of musical style /

A history of musical style /
Crocker, Richard L., author.
New England Conservatory
I. Chant 700-1150. Before the beginning: Gregorian chant -- New Frankish forms 700-1000 -- Versus and related forms 1000-1150: rhyming chant ; theory and polyphony. II. Part music on a discant basis 1150-1600. Parisian leadership in part music 1150-1300 -- Expansion of part music 1300-1450: stabilization in motet and song form ; French and English developments -- Franco-Flemish mass and motet 1450-1500 -- Diffusion of Franco-Flemish style 1500-1600. After Josquin: varied applications -- After 1550: the classic style. III. Part music on a triadic basis 1600-1750. New Italian dramatic styles 1600-1650. Italy -- North of the Alps. Trends towards clarity 1640-1690. Italy -- North of the Alps. International style and national tastes 1680-1750. Italy -- North of the Alps -- Italy and the European scene.

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