The coding manual for qualitative researchers /

The coding manual for qualitative researchers /
SaldanĖƒa, Johnny, author.
MassArt, MCPHS Boston
1 An introduction to codes and coding -- Chapter summary -- Purposes of the manual -- What is a code? -- Codifying and categorizing -- What gets coded? -- Coding techniques -- The numbers of codes -- Manual and CAQDAS coding -- Solo and team coding -- Necessary personal attributes for coding on method -- 2 Writing analytic memos about narrative and visual data -- Chapter summary -- The purposes of analytic memo writing -- What is an analytic memo? -- Examples of analytic memos -- Coding and categorizing analytic memos -- Grounded theory and its coding canon -- Analyzing visual data -- 3 First cycle coding methods -- Chapter summary -- The coding cycles -- Selecting the appropriate coding method(s) -- Two common coding errors -- Overview of first cycle coding methods -- The coding methods profiles -- Grammatical methods -- Elemental methods -- Affective methods -- Literary and language methods -- Exploratory methods -- Procedural methods -- Themeing the data -- Forms for additional first cycle coding methods -- 4 After first cycle coding -- Chapter summary -- Post-coding transitions -- Eclectic coding -- Code mapping and landscaping -- Operational model diagramming -- Additional transition methods -- Transitioning to second cycle coding methods -- 5 Second cycle coding methods -- Chapter summary -- The goals of second cycle methods -- Overview of second cycle coding methods -- Second cycle coding methods -- Forms of additional second cycle coding methods -- 6 After second cycle coding -- Chapter summary -- Post-coding and pre-writing transitions -- Focusing strategies -- From coding to theorizing -- Formatting matters -- Writing about coding -- Ordering and reordering -- Assistance from others -- Closure -- Appendices: A glossary of methods ; A glossary of analytic recommendations ; Field note, interview transcript, and document samples for coding ; Exercises and activities for coding and qualitative data analytic skill development.

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