Heaven is all goodbyes /

Heaven is all goodbyes /
Eisen-Martin, Tongo, author.
Emmanuel College
Faceless -- Course of Meal -- I have to talk to myself differently now -- Confidence Scheme -- Wave At The People Walking Upside Down -- Simplicity of Talent -- Heaven Is All Goodbyes -- May we all refuse to die at the same time -- Look at this ghost that thinks it can fly -- Skid Bid -- Where Windows Should Be -- She Would Untitle This -- World on a Kite String -- Selling What Slaves Made -- Mission Turns -- Russian Roulette -- Incense Is Me Smiling -- Snuck Between Pews Too -- Empty Spaces -- Ceiling Traffic -- May Day -- Pointing at Passengers -- Remove my heart racing, and babylon is fine -- Many Doses To Go or Turns the Pen -- story that everyone's been -- Four Walls -- Scenes Do Not Flee -- Three buildings make a tide -- stranger is a stranger -- Puppets Where You Found Them -- And So my Strength -- All Bets -- Going to be the Poor Man's Star -- So He Sings Along -- Channels to fall asleep to -- For My Best Friend -- Cut a Hand From a Hand -- Three Nights In A Row -- But Rooftops Did All the Work -- I Almost Go Away -- Fish With Ambition to Become the River -- The oldest then the youngest.

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