Africa and Byzantium /

Africa and Byzantium /
Achi, Andrea Myers, author, curator.
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MassArt, Museum of Fine Arts
Foreword -- Contributors to the catalogue -- Lenders to the exhibition -- Note to the reader -- Timeline -- Boundaries and borders. Africa and Byzantium : A prologue / Andrea Myers Achi -- From Carthage to Aksum : Africa in late antiquity. Byzantine Egypt. Late Roman visual culture in Egypt and North Africa / Elizabeth S. Bolman ; Multilingualism in Late Antique Egypt / Roger S. Bagnall ; "Magic" in late antique Egypt / Andrea Myers Achi ; Representations of Egyptian holy men / Thelma K. Thomas ; Early monasticism in Egypt / Arielle Winnik -- Byzantine North Africa. The transformations of Roman North Africa in late antiquity / Sailakshmi Ramgopal ; Christian terracotta tiles / Nejib Ben Lazreg ; African red slip ware / Moèz Achour ; North African mosaics / Liz James ; Jewish art in late antique Africa / Pratima Gopalakrishnan and Naila Razzaq -- The Kingdoms of Nubia. Between Meroë and Rome : Late antique Nubia / Annissa Malvoisin ; Boxes and bronzes from late antique Nubia / Andrea Myers Achi -- The Aksumite Empire. The Aksumite Empire of East Africa : From the Red Sea to Byzantium and beyond / Jessica L. Lamont ; Aksum and Byzantium / Felege-Selam Yirga ; Aksumite Coinage / Irene Soto Marin -- Black Africans of the Mediterranean. Representations of black people in Mediterranean antiquity / Sarah F. Derbew ; Dark-skinned figures in late antiquity Egyptian textiles / Kathrin Colburn -- Bright as the sun : Africa after Byzantium. Post-Byzantine Africa. Bright as the sun : Religions, translations, and circulation in post-Byzantine Africa / Vince L. Bantu ; Ifriqiya in the early Islamic period / Michelle Al-Ferzly -- Post-Byzantine Egypt. Egypt after Byzantium : Transitions, memory, and cultural preservation / Andrea Myers Achi ; Egyptian monasteries / Stephen J. Davis ; Coptic Liturgy / Mary K. Farag ; Sinai as monastic center and destination for pilgrims / Helen C. Evans and Hieromonk Justin of Sinai -- Nubia, Byzantium, and Beyond. Nubia and Byzantium / Giovanni R. Ruffini ; Qasr Ibrim / Arielle Winnik ; Conservation efforts at the Faras Cathedral / Aleksandra Sulikowska-Bełczowska -- Legacies : Black Byzantium. Ethiopia and Byzantium. Faith on the Nile, faith across the seas : Circulation and visual translations in Northern and Eastern Africa / Kristen Windmuller-Luna ; Ethiopia and Byzantium / Jacopo Gnisci ; Ethiopian crosses : Art in motion / Jacopo Gnisci and Father Abate Gobena ; The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela : Bridging local and global Christian culture / Marie-Laure Derat ; Medieval Islamic inlaid metalwork in the churches of Lalibela / Deniz Beyazit -- Ethiopian Icons. Icons in Ethiopia and the advent of panel painting / Claire Bosc-Tiessé and Sigrid Mirabaud -- Artistic Renaissance in Christian Ethiopia. The artistic renaissance of early modern Ethiopia / Kristen Windmuller-Luna ; Mural paintings from the Church of Abba Anfonyos, Gondar / Claire Bosc-Tiessé ; Ethiopian "magic" scrolls / Eyob Derillo -- Contemporary reflections. A critical geography / Andrea Myers Achi ; Theo Eshetu's "The return of the Aksum Obelisk" / Emmanuel Iduma ; Artist's statement / Tsedaye Makonnen ; Imagined futures, imagined pasts / Suzanne Conklin Akbari.

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