Images of organization /

Images of organization /
Morgan, Gareth, 1943-
Thousand Oaks, CA : c2006.
Emerson College, Emmanuel College, MCPHS Worcester
Part I. An Overview -- 1. Introduction -- Part II. Some Images of Organization -- 2. Mechanization Takes Command: Organizations as Machines -- Machines, Mechanical Thinking, and the Rise of Bureaucratic Organization -- The Origins of Mechanistic Organization -- Classical Management Theory: Designing Bureaucratic Organizations -- Scientific Management -- Strengths and Limitations of the Machine Metaphor -- 3. Nature Intervenes: Organizations as Organisms -- Discovering Organizational Needs -- Recognizing the Importance of Environment: Organizations as Open Systems -- Contingency Theory: Adapting Organization to Environment -- The Variety of the Species -- Contingency Theory: Promoting Organizational Health and Development -- Natural Selection: The Population-Ecology View of Organizations -- Organizational Ecology: The Creation of Shared Futures -- Strengths and Limitations of the Organismic Metaphor -- 4. Learning and Self-Organization: Organizations as Brains -- Images of the Brain -- Organizations as Information Processing Brains -- Creating Learning Organizations -- Cybernetics, Learning, and Learning to Learn -- Can Organizations Learn to Learn? -- Guidelines for "Learning Organizations" -- Organizations as Holographic Brains -- Principles of Holographic Design -- Strengths and Limitations of the Brain Metaphor -- 5. Creating Social Realty: Organizations as Cultures -- Culture and Organization -- Organization as a Cultural Phenomenon -- Organization and Cultural Context -- Corporate Cultures and Subcultures -- Creating Organizational Reality -- Culture: Rule Following or Enactment? -- Organization: The Enactment of a Shared Reality -- Strengths and Limitations of the Culture Metaphor -- 6. Interests, Conflict, and Power: Organizations as Political Systems -- Organizations as Systems of Government -- Organizations as Systems of Political Activity -- Analyzing Interests --

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