HART 226-01: Northern Renaissance Art (Art History: Givans)

HART 226-01: Northern Renaissance Art
Givans, Duncan
Art History


On reserve at a library:
  1. Art of the Northern Renaissance : courts, commerce and devotion / Stephanie Porras.
  2. Late Gothic : the birth of modernity / with contributions by Julien Chapuis, Svea Janzen, Stephan Kemperdick, Lothar Lambacher, Jan Friedrich Richter, Michael Roth.
  3. Merchants, princes and painters : silk fabrics in Italian and northern paintings, 1300-1550 / Lisa Monnas.
  4. Northern Renaissance / Jeffrey Chipps Smith.
  5. Northern Renaissance art / Susie Nash.
  6. Opening doors : the early Netherlandish triptych reinterpreted / Lynn F. Jacobs.
Available online:
  1. (Avrin) "Chapter 14: On the Eve of Printing" from Scribes, Script and Books
    Link to PDF
  2. (Avrin) "Chapter 8: Latin Script" from Scribes, Script and Books
    Link to PDF
  3. (Camille) " 'For our devotion and pleasure' : The sexual objects of Jean, Duc de Berry" from Art History April 2001 v. 24, no. 2.
    Link to Art & Architecture Source article
  4. (Camille) "The "Trè€s Riches Heures": An Illuminated Manuscript in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" from Critical Inquiry Autumn 1990, Vol. 17, No. 1.
    Link to JStor article
  5. (Campbell) "Chapter 10: Royal Patronage in the late 1520s" from Henry VIII and the art of majesty.
    Link to PDF
  6. (Clark) "The influence of the Limbourg brothers in France and the Southern Netherlands, 1400-1460" from The Limbourg brothers
    Link to PDF
  7. (de Hamel) "Chapter 8: Books for collectors" from A history of illuminated manuscripts
    Link to PDF
  8. (Heard) "Chapter 7: Still 'verais, popres e beaus? English ecclesiastical Embroidery from the Wars of the Roses to the Early Reformation" from The Age of Opus Anglicanum.
    Link to PDF
  9. (Inglis) "Chapter 4: Nation-Building" from Jean Fouquet and the Invention of France.
    Link to PDF
  10. (Jacobs) "Introduction and Chapter 3" from Opening Doors.
    Link to PDF
  11. (Koerner) "Chapter 5: Not made by human hands" from The Moment of Self-Portraiture in German Renaissance Art
    Link to PDF
  12. (Koerner) "Chapter 8: The Hairy, Bearded Painter" from The Moment of Self-Portraiture in German Renaissance Art
    Link to PDF
  13. (Nash) Northern Renaissance Art - Single user ebook
    Link to ebook - Three users only at a time
  14. (van Buren) "Introduction: Dress in Late Medieval Art, Glossary" from Illuminating Fashion.
    Link to PDF