HART 289-01/02/03: History of Sound Art (Art History: Dunaway)

HART 289-01/02/03: History of Sound Art
Dunaway, Judy
Art History


On reserve at a library:
  1. Cage & consequences / Julia H. Schröder, Volker Straebel (Hg.).
  2. Experimental music : Cage and beyond / Michael Nyman.
  3. Experimental music since 1970 / Jennie Gottschalk.
  4. Experimentations : John Cage in music, art, and architecture / Branden W. Joseph.
  5. Free jazz, harmolodics, and Ornette Coleman / Stephen Rush.
  6. Gallery sound / Caleb Kelly.
  7. In the field : the art of field recording / Cathy Lane & Angus Carlyle.
  8. Life and work of Harry Bertoia : the man, the artist, the visionary / Celia Bertoia.
  9. Marla Hlady : rooms & walls / Marnie Fleming, John Massier, Martin Arnold.
  10. Paul DeMarinis : buried in noise / Hrsg./ed., Ingrid Beirer, Sabine Himmelsbach, Carsten Seiffarth.
  11. Reflections : interviews, scores, writings 1965-1994 = Reflexionen : Interviews, Notationen, Texte 1965-1994 / Alvin Lucier ; [herausgegeben von Gisela Gronemeyer und Reinhard Oehlschlägel].
  12. Resonanzen : Aspekte der Klangkunst = Resonances : aspects of sound art / herausgegeben von = edited by Bernd Schulz.
  13. Robin Minard : silent music : zwischen Klangkunst und Akustik-Design = Between sound art and acoustic design / hrsg. von Bernd Schulz ; mit Beitrèagen von Barbara Barthelmes ... [et al.].
  14. Routledge companion to sounding art / edited by Marcel Cobussen, Vincent Meelberg, and Barry Truax.
  15. See this sound : Versprechungen von Bild und Ton = Promises in sound and vision / herausgegeben von Cosima Rainer ... [et al.].
  16. Sound / edited by Caleb Kelly.
  17. Sound art : beyond music, between categories / Alan Licht ; foreword by Jim O'Rourke.
  18. Sound Art: sound as a medium of art
  19. Sound by artists / edited by Dan Lander and Micah Lexier.
  20. Sound environments : music for public spaces = Klangwelten : Musik für den öffentlichen Raum / Robin Minard.
  21. Soundings : a contemporary score / Barbara London ; with an essay by Anne Hilde Neset.
  22. Transmission arts : artists & airwaves / [edited by] Galen Joseph-Hunter, with Penny Duff and Maria Papadomanolaki.
  23. Trimpin : contraptions for art and sound / compiled and edited by Anne Focke ; with contributions by Trimpin [and others].
  24. Women composers and music technology in the United States : crossing the line / Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner.
  25. World of Bertoia / Nancy N. Schiffer and Val O. Bertoia.
Available online:
  1. (Bianchi) Environmental sound artists : in their own words - ebook
    Link to ebook
  2. (Groth/Schulze) The Bloomsbury handbook of sound art
    Link to ebook
  3. (Hellermann) Sound Art - PDF scan
    Link to PDF
  4. (Kahn) Noise, water, meat: a history of sound in the arts - ebook
    Link to ebook
  5. (Kim-Cohen) In the blink of an ear toward a non-cochlear sonic art - ebook
    Link to ebook
  6. (LaBelle) Background noise: perspectives on sound art - ebook
    Link to ebook
  7. (Licht) Sound art revisited - ebook
    Link to ebook
  8. (Rodges) Pink noises: women on electronic music and sound - ebook
    Link to ebook
  9. (Voegelin) Listening to noise and silence towards a philosophy of sound art - ebook
    Link to ebook