Mhst901 Doctoral Seminar in Musicology (History: Gallagher)

Mhst901 Doctoral Seminar in Musicology
New England Conservatory
Gallagher, Sean


On reserve at a library:
  1. After Beethoven : imperatives of originality in the symphony / Mark Evan Bonds.
  2. Cambridge history of nineteenth-century music / edited by Jim Samson.
  3. Classical music and postmodern knowledge / Lawrence Kramer.
  4. Contemplating music : challenges to musicology / Joseph Kerman.
  5. Critical editing of music : history, method, and practice / James Grier.
  6. Developing variations : style and ideology in Western music / Rose Rosengard Subotnik.
  7. Foundations of music history / Carl Dahlhaus ; translated by J.B. Robinson.
  8. Hearing the motet : essays on the motet of the Middle Ages and Renaissance / edited by Dolores Pesce.
  9. Josquin / David Fallows.
  10. Josquin companion / edited by Richard Sherr.
  11. Motives for allusion : context and content in nineteenth-century music / Christopher Alan Reynolds.
  12. Music and the historical imagination / Leo Treitler.
  13. Music in Renaissance cities and courts : studies in honor of Lewis Lockwood / edited by Jessie Ann Owens and Anthony M. Cummings.
  14. Nineteenth-century music / Carl Dahlhaus ; English translation by J. Bradford Robinson.
  15. Quotation and cultural meaning in twentieth-century music / David Metzer.
  16. Remaking the past : musical modernism and the influence of the tonal tradition / Joseph N. Straus.
  17. Rethinking music / edited by Nicholas Cook & Mark Everist.
  18. Schoenberg and the new music : essays / by Carl Dahlhaus ; translated by Derrick Puffett and Alfred Clayton.