Mhst520 TpcsClassEra: Music & the Enlightenment (History: Cron)

Mhst520 TpcsClassEra: Music & the Enlightenment
New England Conservatory
Cron, Matthew


On reserve at a library:
  1. Bach and the patterns of invention / Laurence Dreyfus.
  2. Bach's cycle, Mozart's arrow : an essay on the origins of musical modernity / Karol Berger.
  3. Beethoven / Maynard Solomon.
  4. Beethoven forum.
  5. Cambridge companion to Haydn / edited by Caryl Clark.
  6. Dramatic expression in Rameau's TrageĢdie en musique : between tradition and enlightenment / Cynthia Verba.
  7. Gluck and the French theatre in Vienna / Bruce Alan Brown.
  8. Haydn and the enlightenment : the late symphonies and their audience / David P. Schroeder.
  9. Haydn's "Farewell" symphony and the idea of classical style : through-composition and cyclic integration in his instrumental music / James Webster.
  10. Haydn, The Creation / Nicholas Temperley.
  11. History of Western music / J. Peter Burkholder, Indiana University, Donald Jay Grout, late of Cornell University, Claude V. Palisca, late of Yale University.
  12. Listening in Paris : a cultural history / James H. Johnson.
  13. Ludwig van Beethoven, Fidelio / Paul Robinson.
  14. Mozart and the Enlightenment : truth, virtue, and beauty in Mozart's operas / Nicholas Till.
  15. Music and aesthetics in the eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries / edited by Peter le Huray and James Day.
  16. Music and the French enlightenment : reconstruction of a dialogue, 1750-1764 / Cynthia Verba.
  17. Music as thought : listening to the symphony in the age of Beethoven / Mark Evan Bonds.
  18. Music in the French Royal Academy of Sciences : a study in the evolution of musical thought / by Albert Cohen.
  19. Music in the Western World : a history in documents / Piero Weiss, Richard Taruskin.
  20. Rameau and musical thought in the Enlightenment / Thomas Christensen.
  21. Symphony no. 5 in C minor : an authoritative score, the sketches, historical background, analysis, views and comments / Ludwig van Beethoven ; edited by Elliot Forbes.
  22. Wordless rhetoric : musical form and the metaphor of the oration / Mark Evan Bonds.