Mhst530 Topics 19th Century: Wagner's Ring (History: Greenwald)

Mhst530 Topics 19th Century: Wagner's Ring
New England Conservatory
Greenwald, Helen


On reserve at a library:
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  2. Cambridge companion to Wagner / edited by Thomas S. Grey.
  3. Complete operas of Richard Wagner / Charles Osborne.
  4. Cosima Wagner's Diaries / edited and annotated by Martin Gregor-Dellin and Dietrich Mack ; translated and with an introd. by Geoffrey Skelton.
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  8. Feen : romantische Oper in drei Akten / von Richard Wagner.
  9. Feen [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
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  12. Fliegende Holländer [videorecording] / music and libretto by Richard Wagner ; a production of Unitel GmbH.
  13. Flying Dutchman / Richard Wagner ; edited by Felix Weingartner.
  14. Forging of the 'Ring' : Richard Wagner's composition sketches for Der Ring des Nibelungen / Curt von Westernhagen ; translated by Arnold and Mary Whittall.
  15. Götterdämmerung : in full score / Richard Wagner.
  16. Götterdämmerung [sound recording] / Wagner.
  17. I saw the world end : a study of Wagner's Ring / Deryck Cooke.
  18. In search of Wagner / Theodor Adorno ; translated by Rodney Livingstone.
  19. Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún / J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Christopher Tolkien.
  20. Letters ; the Burrell collection / edited with notes by John N. Burk.
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  22. Liebesverbot [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
  23. Liebesverbot, oder, Die Novize von Palermo : grosse komische Oper in zwei Akten = The ban on love, or, The novice of Palermo = La défense d'aimer, ou, La novice de Palermo / Richard Wagner ; Klavierauszug von Otto Singer.
  24. Liebesverbot. The early Wagner [sound recording].
  25. Life of Richard Wagner / Ernest Newman.
  26. Lohengrin / by Richard Wagner.
  27. Lohengrin [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
  28. Lohengrin [videorecording] / the Metropolitan Opera ; [music and libretto] by Richard Wagner ; production, August Everding ; TV director, Brian Large.
  29. Meistersinger von Nürnberg : complete vocal and orchestral score / Richard Wagner.
  30. Meistersinger von Nürnberg [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
  31. Meistersinger von Nürnberg [videorecording] / by Richard Wagner ; production, Otto Schenck ; stage director, Peter McClintock ; video director, Brian Large ; a Metropolitan Opera television production.
  32. My life / by Richard Wagner ... Authorized translation from the German.
  33. Nibelungenlied / a new translation by A. T. Hatto.
  34. Parsifal ; ein Bühnenweihfestspiel. A music drama in three acts.
  35. Parsifal [sound recording] / Wagner.
  36. Parsifal [videorecording] : Bühnenweihfestspiel in three acts / by Richard Wagner ; from the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.
  37. Parzival / Wolfram von Eschenbach ; translated by A.T. Hatto.
  38. Perfect Wagnerite : a commentary on the Niblung's ring.
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  47. Richard Wagner, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg / John Warrack.
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  49. Richard Wagner, Parsifal / Lucy Beckett.
  50. Richard Wagner, the stage designs and productions from the premières to the present / Oswald Georg Bauer ; foreword by Wolfgang Wagner ; [translated from the German, Richard Wagner--die Bühnenwerke von der Uraufführung bis heute].
  51. Rienzi [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
  52. Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen : grosse tragische Oper in fünf Akten / Richard Wagner ; Klavierauszug von Karl Klindworth ; neu bearbeitet von Egon Voss.
  53. Rienzi, der letzte der Tribunen [videorecording] : grand tragic opera in 5 acts / by Richard Wagner ; version in two parts by Philipp Stölzl and Christian Baier ; libretto by Richard Wagner after the homonymous novel by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton ; a p
  54. Ring des Nibelungen [videorecording] / Richard Wagner ; executive producer, Peter Gelb ; stage production, Otto Schenk.
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  64. Tannhäuser : in full score / Richard Wagner.
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  67. Tristan und Isolde ; complete orchestral score.
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  69. Tristan und Isolde [videorecording] / the Metropolitan Opera presents ; by Richard Wagner.
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  71. Unsung voices : opera and musical narrative in the nineteenth century / Carolyn Abbate.
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  92. Wagnerism in European culture and politics / edited by David C. Large and William Weber, in collaboration with Anne Dzamba Sessa.
  93. Walküre : complete vocal and orchestral score / Richard Wagner.
  94. Walküre [sound recording] / Wagner.
  95. Wesendonck Lieder [sound recording] / Wagner. Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen ; Kindertotenlieder / Mahler.
  96. Wesendonk-Lieder : for soprano and orchestra / Richard Wagner.
  97. Who's who and what's what in Wagner / Jonathan Lewsey.